What is Pod System and How Does it Work?

Most individuals believe that vaping is restricted. It's the start of development, a chance for folks anxious to quit smoking. People vape because it allows them to replace tobacco in their lives with nicotine, and the majority of devices contain no more than 5% nicotine. There are several ways to vape, one of which is the pod system. Stay connected to learn about the unheard.

What is Pod System?

According to Oxford's Dictionary, a pod is a removable or self-contained unit. The term "pod system" refers to a device that uses a replacement coil inside a detachable container to hold eJuice. To activate the coil within the pod and vaporise the juice inside, it is joined to the body, which is the system's battery element. For ergonomic and portability purposes, a pod system can be designed in various ways, including those that are influenced by the form of a vape pen. The primary pod system kinds are "Open" and "Closed." Find a complete list of Pod systems at Element Vape to view the full selection.

Most significantly, POD systems are reasonably priced. An ultra-portable POD system that is regarded to be high-end may be purchased for roughly $30, while those that are lower-end start at around $15.

How Does it Works?

In general, there are three different firing mechanisms, each of which acts according to a set of fundamental ideas. Almost all pod systems, like mobile phones, have a single built-in battery that must be recharged using a Micro USB connector. When the gadget is turned on, the built-in battery provides enough power to the coil, heating it within the pod and causing the E-Liquid to evaporate.

There are several shapes and sizes of the Pod System. It may be made in a "pen-style" extended design or countless different forms upon request! For instance, depending on your tastes, the profile you choose for your pod system may change significantly.

Pros & Cons of Pod System

Every vaping technique has advantages and disadvantages of its own. In any situation, you should decide based only on your tastes. Let's compare these ultra-portable vaporizers to more common devices by looking at their advantages and disadvantages.


The fact that ultra-portable devices like Juul are so simple to use sets them apart from traditional vape pens. Additionally, POD systems are frequently pre-filled with better-grade e-liquids that appeal to experienced vapers.

Vape pod systems are an excellent draw for beginning and inexperienced users. While offering a higher nicotine dosage, pod systems are just as simple to use as a vape pen. Beginners and new vapours are most equipped to apply these attributes together.

E-liquid of higher grade is pre-filled in pod systems. This implies that pod systems might provide more incredible options than any other vaping strategy if you are new to vaping or searching for the appropriate match.

Additionally, the pod contains built-in pod tanks that hold the vaping fluid. Compared to the box mod, it makes portability simpler. Leakage is not a concern either.


The amount of liquid that may be vaped is limited by the ultra-portability of vape pod systems. While vapours often carry roughly 5ml, the vape pod system employs customized pods with, on average, 2ml of vape juice. You will need to manufacture more refills with a box mod vape than usual.

The fact that the vape pod system's battery life is not as long as you would like it to be is a significant drawback. Although most pod systems have respectable battery life, once charged, they provide two to three hours of operation. A person using a vape pod system must set it throughout the day.

For someone addicted to cigarettes, the vape pod system is a perfect alternative because it provides a similar feeling. A vape pod system is an excellent way to start vaping for both seasoned and novice users due to its low cost and simple design.


Pod systems have, and will continue to, become increasingly sophisticated. While habitual vape users are looking for a more portable alternative to use with their pod system, customers who are new to pod systems are looking for more capabilities.


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