Top Vaping Tricks and How To Do Them?

Top Vaping Tricks and How To Do Them?


Vaping is booming and shows no sign of slowing down. It was once mainly the domain of experienced, expert vapers. However, many newcomers are getting into it, with more people taking up vaping as a hobby. More people are turning to this smokeless tobacco as an alternative to traditional smoking.


It is time to learn more ways to get more out of your vaping experience. If you are new to vapes and want some guidance on improving your experience, read on for our top tips on how to do it right!


Top 6 Vaping Tricks

1.    Ghosting

To make a ghost, you need some breath control. Draw vapor into your mouth to begin. The trick is to find a solid vapor concentration so that the ghost works well. Be sure not to inhale; draw it in through your mouth. Now tighten the space in your mouth by gently moving your tongue upwards and pursing your lips. When ready, spit the vapor out like water from your mouth – don't exhale too hard or wildly, though. A ghost will appear in front of you and quickly re-enter your mouth when you exhale.


2.    French Inhale

The French inhale is a simple style of vaping. You can use that to calm your throat and make your vape more enjoyable. It involves taking a long pull and then exhaling through your mouth. This style of inhaling is often used in high-quality e-liquids because it helps with the cooling effect. The French inhale is also helpful in preventing heat damage to your throat and lungs while vaping.


3.    Dragon

You will need a lot of lung power for this one, so take a deep drag of your vape - preferably a high-VG liquid. Next, close your mouth and open it as wide as possible. While the center of your lips remains closed, the corners of your mouth will open slightly. Exhale as hard as you can once you feel this. The result is a four-way vortex of vaporizing power!


4.    Tornado

To do this vape trick, you need to get a smooth surface. A table or countertop will work fine. Close any windows and doors to reduce airflow in the room. The next step is to inhale as much as possible but bear in mind that you must exhale very slowly. When ready, lean down close to the surface and exhale gently; this will make vapor spill out of your mouth and onto the surface like an ectoplasm. After that, for the trick itself, “ Switch your hands over in one fluid movement; this makes an impressive spout of vapor which is sure to impress onlookers!”


5.    Potion

If you want to create something special for Halloween, try the Tornado Trick. Chill a glass, mix it with some liquid, and then slowly exhale the vapor into the glass. You will find the vapor clings to the edges of the cup and settles on top of the liquid.


6.    Vape Rings

Vaping tricks are the most iconic and what people are most likely to ask you to perform. There are several strategies to produce the most substantial traveling vape rings. Some say to fill your mouth with vape, purse your lips and decrease the space in your mouth while making rapid movements. Still, others believe you will get the best rings by filling your lungs, letting out a small amount of air and using pursed lips to pass as gently as you can over and over. You can try both the ways.


Final words

Ultimately, it is vital to remember that using a vape mod is more about ensuring your safety and health than anything else. You should be careful not to push yourself too hard; if you feel lightheaded or have any other concerning symptoms, make sure to rest and consult a health professional. If you stick to these tips, though, you should be fine. And what's more, you will likely find that vaping leaves you feeling better than ever. It is a choice worth making.

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